Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design
Fair.xyz is a no-code platform that allows creators to launch end-to-end NFT collections; secure, accessible, and fair. The Fair.xyz platform was born with the aim to create a more fair and efficient minting experience for creators and their collectors, making easier launches, while still preserving the creator’s full ownership rights to the project’s underlying smart contract.
Issac Kamlish & Isaac Bentata the co-owners approached us with the challenge of developing the brand identity & its web platform, with the premise of their new unique minting business which was totally new within its category.
We created a flexible system that could quickly change from one section to another of the brand. The word-mark we landed was inspired by the corner of a canvas as a reference of a place to launch any collection, also to a Frame as its former name. Finally Fair arose appealing to its aim a fair experience, we kept the custom "F" as a reference to the canvas. 
We were faced with a number of complexities when approaching the UX of the website as it’s had a pretty unique and different business operation vs other NFT platforms. In the end, we create an Atomic Design that could keep evolving during their upcoming platform iteration, as their web product would inevitably be kept evolving according to its market.
Website: fair.xyz
Year completed: 2022